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on the tragedy. sherry? >> reporter: the suspect, james holmes is due to be arraigned in a few hours. police say the suspected shooter is no longer talking and refuses to cooperate. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. he is being held without bond in solitary consignment at a detention center. hundreds perhaps thousands gathered for prayer vigils to remember the victims. those who died ranged in age from-from -- from 6 to 51. it could take months to determine a motive. sources say inside his booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and a poster. they are looking into whether some of the hazardous chemicals came from a medical campus where holmes was working on his ph.d. he quit last month. police say holmes was stockpiling ammunition'd. he apparently tried to join a gun rang last month but the owner was so disturkey day by the encounter he rejected his application. yesterday president obama met with families of the victims for several hours and told them that the nation and much of the world is thinking ever them. >> sherry, thank you.
. this morning police have now identified the suspect in the shooting. he is 24-year-old james holmes. >> this massacre happened overnight at a movie theater in aurora, colorado, which is about 10 miles outside of denver. police say the suspect opened fire during the midnight showing of the highly anticipated latest batman movie, "the dark knight rises." this morning we are hearing at least 12 people are dead and 50 others are hurt. fox5's sherri ly is live in the newsroom with the latest on this tragedy. sherri, good morning. >> good morning, allison, tony. witnesses say this shooter fired into the crowded movie theater right after the movie started. some people apparently thought the gunfire was actual coming from the movie. people scrambled from the theater. this video from the denver post shows victims being carried out. the sound of alarms going off and people running for their lives. youtube video shows panicked people heading for the doors. some were bloodied. 12 people are dead. that's down from the initial 14 reported. about 50 others also injured, ranging in age from 3 month
: james holmes will be arraigned in court this morning. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. there is no motive. sources say inside the suspect's booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and poster. >>> reporter: james holmes, the man suspected of shooting up a colorado movie theater is due to make his initial court appearance today. >> they will get a case filing, basic information to tell them what charges are appropriate and then the investigation will go on. >> reporter: police officials say holmes is not cooperating and some are left to wonder if he will be mentally competent to stand trial. >> they believe he is not competent to proceed he will get sent down to be evaluated at the state hospital. >> reporter: authorities say it could take months to determine a motive but one former police officer suspects holmes wanted to become a villain similar to one in the batman movies. >> i believe that he planned this for months and the fantasy was for him to take on the persona of the jocker. >> reporter: holmes allegedly c
is now formally charged with murder. james holmes sat silently without reacting as the charges were read. he faces 142 counts, including 24 counts of first degree murder, and 116 counts of attempted murder. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during the midnight premier of "the dark knight rises." prosecutors could file additional charges. it is still unclear if they're going to seek the death penalty. >>> more than a thousand fans are showing their support for penn state football. they joined a pep band to greet players gathering for offseason workouts this morning. the early morning rally comes as former starting quarterback ron bolden and backup safety tim buckley leave the team in the wake of the sanctions following the sandusky child sex abuse scandal. and star runningback silas red may be next. >>> another big story today. a bill that would ban late term abortions in the district is up for a vote in the house. the bill is sponsored by republican arizona representative trent franks. it would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. supporters say that's w
'll toss it back to you. >> thank you.nk >>> big story this morning, james holmes, the man suspected of unloading a hail of bulletsbu in a colorado movie theater will make his second court appearance today. >> we have awful the details. good morning, wisdom.om >> reporter: you know, cameras will not be allowed in this appearance, and it's still unclear if prosecutors will seew ilthe death penalty. james holmes will appear in court today to learn about theab magnitude of the criminal charges that will likely be held against him. >> potentially, we're talking about over 100 charges, 12 counts of first degree murder,mu then you may have 58 counts of attempted first degree murder. >> reporter: during the first court appearance last week, he seemed somewhat withdrawn, and emotionless.es some speculate he was drugged or putting on an act. act possibly making a stance for an insanity plea. sa >> this is going to be a casebe where athe focus is going to be on his mental state, his mental state during the process in terms of whether he is competent to even go through this process now, and hi
comb road -- he same is he -- same scenario. >>> a big story this morning,hi james holmes, the man suspected of unloading a haim the bullets in a colorado movie theater will make his second court appearance. >> mayor anne has the latest details. >> reporter: james holmes will appear in court to learn moret about the criminal charges he facing. >> we are potentially talkingaly were over is hundred charges, 12 counts of first degree murder.r. >> reporter: during the first court appearance, he seemed somewhat withdrawn.hd some speculates he was drugged or putting on an act, perhaps making a stance for an insanitya plea.n >> this is going to be itya case where the focus is going to go on his mental state, during this process, in terms of whether he is competent to even go through this process now, and his mental state at the time that he committed these acts. >> reporter: the judge the overseeing the case has increased the black-out of information being released to the public, that includes details of visits to the home of descrier fenton. de >> he wants to be the filter of the informa
.t >> james holmes is expected to be formally charged next week. we have the details of the firsh court appearance, and the taskth at hand fore the new mayor of aurora.au lauren? >> reporter: holmes is expectede back s in court when he ish formally charged on multiple counts of first degree murder next monday, but yelled was the first time the public got a look at the suspect, since hesin allegedly walked into the century 16 movie theater and opened fire. f the 24-year-old appeared in the courtroom to hear a judge explain why eases's being heldbn without bond.ou holmes with his hair still died a shocking comic book owner red had -- orange red had the chanc to speak but didn't speak. he seemed to fall asleep at one points. authorities say he is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to figure out what prompted the massacre. 12 people were skilled, dozens injury. the aurora mayor, steve hogan, said his town will never be the at the same time, but hopes the community will come together ino the time of crisis. >> i keep thinking of what happened there, and those people the.e but th
settlement.  >>> tom cruise and kite tee holmes crhave worked out aed settlement. >> there have been reports that holmes will have the lead role on how their daughter will be educated and religious blests they issued statements sayingtee they remain focused on protecting their young daughter. >>> apparently, writing is allnt in the family. the thriller crush error willro hit bookr stores in september, and the author's wife is el jane. she is the hottest writer in the world. her 50 shades of gray has sold near 20 million copies in the u.s. alone since the spring.. now, her husband leonard's novel is the first of three planned books, and tells the story of a teen dropout seeking his father's killer. >>> former "american idol"an contestants could be headed tohe the judges panel. >> adam lambert has been in talks with idol negotiators for some time.so the news comes two weeks after jennifer lopez hinted she might not be able to return next season. i had not heard that.hea so far, no comment from fox. >> pretty good. >> probably. >>> still ahead, fighting cancei ghand
awards each. >>> we now know why katie holmes decided to split from tom cruise. she was afraid she would send their son way to scientology school. daughter, sorry. he has a son, but not them together. okay. katie holmes is reportedly telling tmz she was convinced tom cruise was going to send suri to a hard core scientology organization, where scientology is taught to all ages, even kids as young as five without their parents. cruise is reportedly a big fan of that organization or institution. >> seems like that's something they would have talked about before marrying or having children. >> well, or not with tom cruise -- you know, what knows? >>> coming up, fireworks, they're a big part of the fourth of july tradition. they may be pretty to look at, but aren't music to our dogs' ears. >> look at her face. annie is learning how to keep your dogs calm, plus she'll introduce us to jezebel. a racy name for an innocent looking thing. >> looking for a fun recipe for your cookout, you don't want to miss the chef we have. she is cooking up a lobster burger for us. sounds yummy. and we'll be righ
it was tough to turn away fromrn athe television, james holmes made his first the court appearance in colorado. his hair still dyed a shocking comic book overage and red. -- orange and red. he appeared dazed.d the judge ordered him held without bond.t holmes is expected back in couro when he is formally charged nexh monday. it was an emotionally chargedio days nafor the victims family members, even sullivan is mourning the loss of his 6-year-old daughter, hisugh pregnant wife is in critical condition. >> the whole time, from the time he walked in to the time heti walked out of the room, i looked him dead in the face. honestly, it was helpful knowing, it put my mind at east watching him stafford to breakst down. >> the judge has issued a gagisu order on edthe case, we do knowa mental health evaluation is routine, and the district attorney says the trial should begin sometime next year. meanwhile, we're learning more about one of the survivors of the attack. >> thank you for everybody whoyb has offered a helping hand.d. thank you for standing with us and letting this joker know heth may have int
. in the meantime, so tom cruise and katie holmes announces they were getting divorced and boom, boom, it was done. suri might was the one -- might be the one that get it done. lawyers sat down all day saturday hashing it out, but the main part was because of physical is your -- suri. the mother nuclear this gets, the more dakota on their daughter. so it's -- the more damage on their daughter. so let's get it done. so, i mean, good for them. it was mature and adult-like for them to do it. >> great. last but not least, the judge on x factor, she threw a couple contestants out? >> auditions going on in north carolina, and apparently there were two guys rapping on stage and they were rapping about getting high on bath salts, and she talked about how doing drugs as a kid, and she just went off on them, saying how inappropriate it was for them to rap about getting high in front of an auditorium full of children, and the second she blew up on them, of course, the audience took her side, started to boo them off the stage, and they will no longer go on that show. standing up for what she believes is right
accused in the colorado movie massacre is now formally charged with murder. james holmes faces 142 counts, including 24 counts of first degree murder, and 116 counts of attempted murder. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during the midnight premier of "the dark knight rises." allison. >>> thanks, tony. turning to politics, in the race for the white house, republican presidential candidate mitt romney wraps up his overseas trip. he finished a speech in poland. in the meantime, the political landscape is changing back home. fox's doug luzader has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: national polls continue to show a very tight race. but some of the battleground states may be shifting. mitt romney trying to end his foreign policy trip on solid footing. his visit to pole and included what sounded like an endorsement for the former polish president. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: that is the kind of backing that could play well in the midwest. and it's there president obama will try to plant his own flag this week with a trip to ohio, one of three critica
" is reporting that james holmes keeps asking jail guards, "why am i here." the newspaper says he is complaining about the food at the detention center where he is. the former honor student reportedly picks at his meals, sometimes doesn't eat anything. jail guards think he may be faking the memory loss. >>> the white house is signaling there will be no push for new gun control laws, but says the president will try to find ways to work around the stalemate in congress. >>> the race for the white house -- >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney continues his overseas tour, but he may have hit a big speed bump along the way. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: mitt romney is going to attend the opening ceremonies for the olympics in london today, hoping for a fresh start. mitt romney was looking for images like these, meetings with world leaders in an almost presidential setting. what he didn't expect was this. >> i hear there's a guy, a guy called mitt romney, who wants to know whether or not we're ready, he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? >> reporter: that was the mayor
was at the movies with his teen children. prosecutors build the case against james holmes. js. a team of lawmakers spent about 90 minutes at the crime sceneme inside the movie theater. survives offered new dee flames. the gunman walked around the complex shouting and appearing to target people. >>> in a surprise visit, batmanb star christian bale came to the medical center of aurora and met with 7 of the shooting victims. he thanked the medical staff and police who responded to fridayfr attack that killed 12 people, and injured 58 others. >> it was just heartfelt.ea everybody in the world has beena affected.s >> he visited a makeshiftma memorial to the victims nearlys the theater. warner brothers has made a donation to the victims' relieve fund. the fund is up to aboutt $2 million right now. >>> another big story this morning, a tax showdown on capitol hill.hi democrats try to pass the big tax hike on the wealthy that the president supports, ending thed bush inera tax rates. the doug luzader has a preview of today's vote. >> reporter: this is called thei big games of chicken, but ifbu neither sid
is james holmes and that is the latest coming in now, as we look at pictures, and we're dipping into our what's called a live stream, basically looking at the coverage of our sister station in colorado in denver, kdvr. >> these are live pictures now of the apartment building and the apartment of that alleged shooter, who indicated to police that there were explosives or at least an explosive in his apartment. police have evacuated that building and are now pulling out a window of that apartment. they've been very careful there. we are told fbi and atf on the scene as well. let's listen in to the coverage. >> take a look, i mean, this is still a very active situation happening at the apartment complex. we do have crews all over aurora this morning. we have several reporters at the movie theater still talking to witnesses, still active scene there as well. investigators continue to comb through cars in the parking lot and say they'll check every vehicle for explosives. they want to take every precaution possible. >> we're looking at what we believe to be the suspect's car parked outside of
settlement.nt >> holmes's lawyer says she iss forward to starting the next chapter in her life. holmes and cruise issued separate statements saying they remained focused on protecting their 6-year-old daughter suri. justin bieber has the need for speed. he was pulled over on a l.a. highway after going 80-mile an hour. the teen said he was driving that fast to get away from the paparazzi. he even called 911 for help. tmz got a recording of thatf call.t take a listen of what he toldhe the dispatcher. >> i know i'm driving fast, but they're the ones that are dangerous. he let all the paparazzi get around my vehicle while doingil the citation. >> okay. >> i felt like, like he didn't even pull me to the side. he could have pulled me to a side parking lot.si he just did it right in the middle, he didn't care. >> bieber was given the citation for speeding and then filed a complaint against the paparazzi for allegedly ma -- harassing him. >>> you'll be able to read about glee in the comics.co there's a new collaboration in the works called archie meets glee.ee it's set for late this year. the
. >>> we are learning new details about the alleged shooter. it appears that james holmes had a federal grant to study neurou science at the university ofun colorado. this morning, he remain in solitaire confinement.li >>> cross tabale, the actor -- christian bale is hurricaning with the aurora community. -- is mourning with the aurora community. the actor surprised patients at the medical center of aurora.or there he spent time with the shooting victims and thanked medical person, and police who responded to the attacks. >>> and amid the tragedy in colorado, a mother is smiling at her newborn baby. this is hugo jackson medically, he was born yesterday morning. his parents were in the theater. his father kale he be is in a medically induced coma, but doctors are hope full he will make a recovery. mother and baby are said to bes doing fine. >>> in the wake of the shooting, there's been a surge in gun sales in colorado. according to the colorado bureau of investigation, nearly 3000 being checks have been approved since friday.fr business owners gun shoppersg degree incidents like the mass
. but opponents like d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton says the measure undermines a woman's right to an abortion and call it on rules. >>> another day on the hill for fed chairman ben bernanke. today he will testify to the house financial services committee. the appearance comes one day after bernanke offered a grim picture of the u.s. economy for the senate banking committee. he says america's financial situation is doomed if congress cannot agree on how to avert a budget crisis. >>> meanwhile congress is about to make some tough choices on defense spending that could cost the nation millions of jobs. >> sarah is back in studio with details on that. sarah, good morning. >>reporter: the big defense cuts, they actually kick in automatically next year, and of the estimated 2 million jobs on theline, 45,000 could come from right here in the dmv area, and with time and options running out, yesterday the gop turned to an old hand. former vice president dick cheney back on capitol hill, offering republicans some blunt talk about looming defense cuts. as part of last year's debt deal, c
katie holmes. they have a pre-nup that will include al mopey but not child support based on 17% of the couple's total income. >>> we are getting our first look at j. k. row willings new book. this is been scribed as a big novel about a small town. she is best known for hugely wildly popular harry potter books, movies and -- >> and everything. paraphernalia. >> yes. >>> all right. rapper pitbull could be sent to a remote city in alaska. he is participating in a promotion with wal-mart and agreed to go to city with the most likes. a viewer joked that he should be sent to alaska. it had 50,000 likes sew far. mr. 305 in alaska. >> that would be great publicity. >> sure. >> i'm sure he would go happily. >> that's something. >>> still ahead, ice cream and the 4th of july. holly is taking us to washington, george washington's home where holly is learning to make the delicious dessert. >>> and in the district, a huge celebration, of course. lots of stars converging on the nation's capital including kool and the gang. we'll sit down with robert kool bell coming up.  max
records from james holmes. he spent a year studying neuro science there. the judge says releasing the records would impede the investigation. lawmakers on capitol hill are honoring the victims in the meantime. congress adopted a resolution yesterday that recognizing the people who tried to help and protect the victims, including first responders. >>> mitt romney now says he expects the london olympics to be "highly successful." during an interview earlier in the week, romney called preparations for the games disconcerting. the british media pounced on the statement. british prime minister david cameron and the mayor of london were among those that took public jabs at romney. >> i hear there's a guy called mitt romney who wants to know whether or not we're ready. he wants to know whether we're ready. are we ready? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes we are. >> romney is expected to attend tonight's opening ceremony for the 2012 summer olympics. >>> we are now less than six hours away from the opening ceremonies of the 2012 summer olympics in london. the bells rang out on big ben earlier
is heading to one of manhattan's top schools come september. did we expect anything less? katie holmes enrolled her he convent of the sacred heart. the split reportedly had to do with what school they would go to and the religion. >>> it's not every day you get to go one-on-one with an olympic medalist. but holly morris is getting tips from one of the greatest in the game. >> she joins us live on the wharf. the owners and coaches are there. who else is there? >> reporter: do you know what else i have that you would like? >> what? >> reporter: bling. there are the two championship rings. they've been around five years. this is the first one they won i believe in 2009. this is the one they won last year. it's got 16 rubies in the season for their 16-0 season. they belong to the owner. good to see you, sir. >> great to be back. >> reporter: i have to give them back? >> you can borrow them. >> reporter: for the next four minutes. it is amazing to me how much you made an impact in the world of world team tennis in a short amount of time. >> thanks. it's been a great team effort. it's really
holmes mailed the notebook to the school. there are reports it arrived several days before the shooting, but university officials say it did not arrive until monday, the date of his first court appearance. >> the notebook was sent to a psychiatrist and said to contain details about how he was going to kill people, including drawings of stick people shooting people. the school won't confirm the contents. meanwhile, two more funerals scheduled this week. one was held yesterday. hospitals in colorado also are reducing the medical bills of the victims, many of them were young and had no insurance. meanwhile, donations of more than $2 million have already been collected for those victims. >>> president obama is pledging to work with congress to stop gun violence. he spoke in new orleans to the national urban league last night and called for more background checks for people who want to buy guns. the president is pledging to work with lawmakers of both parties to stop violence in the wake of the movie massacre. >>> mitt romney is in london. he sat down with former prime minister tony blair ea
that point. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton asked to testify in front of the committee. her request was denied, so she submitted a statement on behalf of d.c. residents instead. the congresswoman has said the bill is part of a nationwide effort to undermine a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. tony. >>> allison, before president barack obama hits the campaign trail today, he meets the agricultural secretary to talk about the drought. then he honors this year's women's basketball champs, the baylor bears at the white house. tonight the president attends a fundraiser at the mandarin oriental hotel. mitt romney is in ohio this morning. he is holding a town hall meeting in bowling green. the presidential election is 16 weeks away. >>> and a hot topic on the campaign trail, the economy, of course. it's also front and center on capitol hill as congress is about to make some very difficult choices on defense spending. fox's doug luzader has more details on the impact that will have come next year. >>reporter: members of congress have kind of backed themselves into a corner on
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